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Carollyne Yardley

Carollyne Yardley coined the term Squirrealism to describe her signature style of fine artwork using squirrel masks in paintings to create strange, transgene characters. The "mask" has become a symbol describing misfits, hiding  behind animated personas, odd and beautifully unusual.


Through the meticulous and minute brushwork of pre-modernist oil painting traditions, Carollyne's work explores character development through the repetition of imagery, brand development, identity, memes, pop culture, and absurdity.


She is represented by Winchester Galleries (Victoria, BC)

carollyne_yardley_red_hat_squirrel_lrg Skinners_Horse_carollyne_websm-e1436900864963

"Skinners Horse"

Oil on panel 2015

"Red Hat Squirrel"

Oil on board 2011