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Flavors Across the Globe: Tasting Notes by Country

Following is a list of unique flavor notes by country. The list was principally developed by the respected artisanal chocolate company, Scharffen Berger:



Madagascar:  Bright acidity. Light citrus flavors reminiscent of tangerines.

Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire: Deep, classic cocoa flavors.  Lends balance to more complex beans.

São Tomé: Bold, upfront chocolate notes with underlying roasted coffee tones.


Mexico and Central America:

Mexico: Bright acidity

Costa Rica: Fruity with a balanced cocoa flavor.

Panama: Classic cocoa flavor highlighted by subtle fruit and roasted nut flavors.


South America:

Colombia:  Deep cocoa flavor with moderate fruitiness. Slightly bitter.

Ecuador:  Known best for the Arriba bean. Well-balanced floral (jasmine) and fruit notes. Also has herbal tones.

Brazil:  Bright acidity.  Well-balanced cocoa flavors, often with subtle fruity notes.

Venezuela: Complex fruit flavors.  Evokes flavors of ripe red plums and dark cherries. Very well-balanced.


The Caribbean:

Dominican Republic (also identified on bars as Santo Domingo):  Deep earthy flavor. Fragrant tobacco notes. Some beans have delicate red wine and spice notes.

Trinidad and Tobago: Complex fruitiness with appealing spiciness such as cinnamon.  Very well-balanced.

Jamaica:  Bright and fruity, with appealing aromas. Complex and well-balanced.  Often recalls subtle flavors of pineapples.



Indonesia (also identified on bars as Java):  Well-balanced. Appealing acidity balanced with clean cocoa flavors