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White, Milk or Dark Chocolate?

Much of the chocolate consumed today is in the form of sweet chocolate, combining cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar.


*White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk but no cocoa solids.


*Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk (in mainstream chocolate)


*Dark chocolate is produced by adding fat and sugar to the pure cacao mixture. Dark chocolate, with its  high cocoa content, is a rich source of epicatechin and gallic acid, which are thought to possess cardioprotective properties.

Dark chocolate has also been said to reduce the possibility of a heart attack when consumed regularly in small amounts


*Semisweet chocolate is a dark chocolate with a low sugar content.


*Bittersweet chocolate is chocolate liquor to which some sugar, more cocoa butter, vanilla and sometimes lecithin have been added. It has usually less sugar and more liquor than semisweet chocolate, but the two are interchangeable in baking.


*Unsweetened chocolate is pure chocolate liquor/ cacao, also known as bitter or baking chocolate. It is unadulterated chocolate: the pure, ground, roasted chocolate beans impart a strong, deep chocolate flavor.


*Raw chocolate, often referred to as raw cacao, is always dark and a minimum of 75% cacao. Because the act of processing results in the loss of certain vitamins and minerals (such as magnesium), some consider raw cacao to be a more nutritious form of chocolate

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